Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Has it been that long?

Wow! Time flies by fast when you're busy. Let's see...the latest news... well the Shay is FINISHED! The photo on the left shows me with the West Side Shay #12 at the Colorado Railroad Museum where I did some volunteer work on it and the Kahului #12 at the Georgetown Loop back in September.

And now for my shay... yes it is completed and running like a swiss watch. I took it over to Hillcrest Farms in Reedely for their Railfest and got it dialed in to where it runs superb!

Here it is all loaded up and ready to hit the road for Reedley, only 3 hours away.

And I really like this shot that Mike Massee took of the locomotive working up the grade out of Red Rivit Canyon!

You can see more pics of the shay here...Standard Lumber #5

And of course there is a You Tube of the locomotive here:Shay #5 at Railfest

Well here is wishing you all Happy Holidays until next time.
Grumps - Out!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What was I thinking...?

Its been pretty busy around the camp as I am getting it awakened from its 11 month slumber. Lots of issues to deal with and just when all this is going on and all the other projects are taking a back seat, I pick up another Crown. Like everything else, its for sale. I am brokering this one for our church camp up in Yosemite. Anyhow, probably not much else to report until after camp so check back in August for an update. Hopefully things will be further along by then...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Roundup

Hey everybody. I am still alive and kicking. If work aint beating me up chasing water leaks all over the camp, then the trains are. Shay project still moving along at a snails pace. Son Jeffrey is priming the caboose and its restored interior.

I did just get back for a week of vacation down in Santa Margarita where I volunteered my time as the Mechanical and Training Officer for the Pacific Coast Railroad. The San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum held their 5th annual Roundup and I was there to oversee the operations and make sure the steam locomotives were in good running condition. Here are some of my favorite shots from Mike Massee.

And here are some from Jamie Foster

Here is a video from my friend John Haskey of Bonney Doon, CA

Also got to do some backhead cooking with some of Cookie Thurman's Monster Enchilada's.

Here is a video segment we did on that run...

Well camp season is breathing down my neck so will try to keep the monthly updates coming. Stay tuned and stay safe out there.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recent Happenings...

Well many of you have been wondering what's going on and are figuring that the Shay is ready to go down the tracks. Unfortunately that is not the case. Work and my 30th class reunion have pushed aside the shop projects for a time. But not to worry. I now have the fuel tank ready to install and one of the rear trucks is in.

I want to hit you all with some shock and awe along with some shameless self-promotion.
I was blessed to attend a private boarding school in Healdsburg, California for my senior year of high school. There is really a bond that connects people together when they live, work and play for a year. That is how it was with my classmates. We did everything together. Even the ones that were in cliques and introverts, we still to this day have that connection that cannot be broken. When we get together for a reunion every 5 years it is an event. And this year was probably the best one ever. We saw some of our friends that have not come back to visit since graduation. Our time together began Friday night April 3rd and did not end until Sunday morning the 5th. Here are a few pictures from the time we had together. Enjoy and I will get back to work on the Shay next week, I promise!

Our Class Photo taken on Saturday the 4th. Shortly after this we had a few more show up.

Here we are catching each other up on our lives. Many who could not be there sent emails and photos which were shown on the multimedia screen.

Yeah I know what your thinking... "That Grumps is a real chick magnate"!

This is Bunny. She was my high school sweetheart, and is still a great friend.

One of my proudest accomplishments is being able to sing with these guys. Something we have continued to do since graduation. We did 3 songs for the church service and then 4 songs at our dinner party. When I get the videos up on you-tube, you will understand the shock and awe of it all then.
Till next time...

Monday, March 2, 2009

First fire-up!

My good pal Phil Reader was in town on Thursday last week, and I decided it was high time to light a fire in the shay as it was close enough to being ready. I set up a small 2 gallon tank of diesel and lit her off.

The burner which came from the 2-spot at Billy Jones came to life and within seconds I had a nice fire going.

In about 30 minutes the needle was off the peg, and steam was building.

Another 30 minutes has passed. During this time about 1 gallon of fuel had been used and I had to top off the tank as I was loosing head pressure. I started using my home-brewed bio diesel.

The first safety is lifting at 125# psi. Everything looks good! I am working on my punch list and so far only 5 minor items to deal with.

Two of the three trucks are reconditioned and ready to re-install under the locomotive.

Here are a couple of videos of the first steam up. Thanks to Phil Reader for his help, encouragement and for having a camera ready!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The latest...

Well the Shay is progressing along, but at a slower pace due to work etc. All the major plumbing is done now. Air test has been done and the loco has passed with flying colors. Due to the warm weather, I took advantage Sunday to prep and paint the cab sheet metal parts. On Monday night I pre-fit the engineer's side and front. Soon the oil tank will be complete and I plan to fire it up and give the engine set a test at that time.

A new American Model Engineering Supply Mechanical Lubricator now installed.

View of the Back Head Plumbing.

On January 22nd, my wife Debbie and I headed to a little R&R at Disneyland Resort. It was a slow day at the park and we both got a ride in the cab of the #2 E.P. Ripley.

Fireman Curtis and I don't remember the Engineer's name. Sorry!

Over in the California Adventure Park, my wife took a picture of me with the WP F-7

Also at the shop, I have sold a 15" gauge Crown locomotive along with rail, rolling stock and other items. These are getting shipped to upstate New York in a few weeks so took advantage again of good weather to get them prepared.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This Old Shay...more progress

Well today got out in the shop for a couple hours and finished installing the fire pan and burner assembly. I used some threaded rod to slowly raise up the pan after installing the brick work. It was too heavy to lift by hand.

The pan is just a few inches from being in place.

Next I plumbed up the fuel and atomizer lines.

I also finished up the front end with the exhaust nozzle and blower pipe. In the rear of the smokebox you can see the flexible sealant I used to make sure there are no leaks to provide a good draft. I don't know how this loco steamed before with so much daylight coming inside.

I have also started on the backhead tray for the oil cans to go or perhaps a place to cook on...

Until next time...